10 Extremely Simple Facebook Business Tips for Beginners

Facebook is the most popular Social Networking website on the Internet, and it offers unique opportunities for business. Facebook is not just for keeping tabs on friends, whiling away time when bored or just a way of getting your thoughts across. It can also be used as a highly effective business tool.It is great for marketing your products, building a personal brand and connecting with prospective customers.But before you jump in, remember that Facebook is first and foremost a Social network/media. Most users are on Facebook to catch up with old friends, keep in touch, and just have a little fun.These are really very simple tips, so internet/network marketing geniuses give me some space; I want to address those that are starting out. Newbies will benefit most from these tips hopefully.Here is a collection of tips to put to use if you are just starting out:1. Your Online BiographyComplete the Information section of your Profile, and be sure to include your website address and other business information.Casual friends may never dig into this information, but potential business associates/prospects may look here for more information before considering working with you. Several people have contacted me simply by viewing the info section of my profile.And while it’s OK (encouraged) to share personal information like hobbies and interests, do keep in mind the privacy of your family, friends and associates.While it may be fine to list yourself as married, you may not want to tell everyone the names of your young children or relatives.Learn and Improve – look at other Facebook Profiles and Pages; what could you do to make yours more interesting to your prospects?If done right, these can perform wonders. Several people have contacted me after viewing the info section of my profile. View mine here!2. PrivacyFacebook gives you a lot of controls to decide who sees what information.For instance, you can set your profile so that everyone can see you enjoy skiing and swimming, but that only Friends can see your political preferences. Be mindful of posting information of friends and relatives, especially small children.3. Profile PictureUse an appropriate Profile Picture.Some Facebook users choose amusing Profile Photos, like cartoon characters, animals, places or other things that suit their mood or personality at the time.As a Business person, you need to be more professional. Now you don’t need a suit and tie or a professional headshot, but you do want to be recognized and present yourself well.Upload business casual photos of yourself to reinforce your brand. View mine here for a visual confirmation of what I’m talking about.’No image’ is simply not allowed if you are at all serious. Why will you even want to do that?Remember, the people you want to reach are people you want to do business with.4. Post Quality ContentPost content that highlights your personal interests and areas of expertise. Facebook is all about sharing that which makes us our own, and your business does factor in. Just keep it balanced.Post contents that people can identify with, they can comment on, they can ‘like’. Contents that they can think about and consider for an extended period of time.Posting contents about how hungry you are, the colour of your shoes or the quarrel you just had does not qualify as quality.5. Share ValueShare useful articles, notes and links to presentations and valuable resources that interest customers and prospects on your wall, to establish credibility.6. Never ever SpamAn occasional business post to your Profile is OK, but spamming your profile or other users with business news is not.Being passionate is OK, but no one wants to hear every little detail of someone else’s life business or personal.Do not spam your audience with posts every day telling them how you can save them money and change their lives with your products.Start off sharing information and links to articles to build credibility and when you do discuss your services and products personally with them, your audience is more likely to receive your message.I have personally removed people from my friend lists never to accept their requests again. They posted trash on my wall. So be aware of people like me. JSome will even go ahead to block you!Please don’t spam!7. Beware of ScamsFacebook is not beyond scams. People re-post things all the time, and they are not necessarily all good.Some viruses have learned how to infiltrate user profiles and send out links all by themselves. Some users have had their profiles compromised by others seeking to impersonate them. Just like email, you should question every posted link and click cautiously.There are some really nasty people out there.8. Ask QuestionsBy asking questions, you can leverage the intelligence of the Facebook community. If you have certain people that you think know more than you do, send them a message.I have asked questions before and I still do. I am constantly learning, so should you.If you have questions, I’m available! Send me a message. I’ll reply as promptly as possible! Okay?9. Know the RulesStay out of trouble by reading the Facebook rules to avoid getting kicked out of the network.Oh…you don’t know that Facebook can close your account and send you packing? Well, they can! So read the rules and stay within the boundariesMaybe I’ll highlight the most important ones in a soon coming post, but do your business a favour, understand the rules!10. Have some fun… but keep it focusedBy all means participate in the more personal venues Facebook has to offer; it helps keep your name out there and brings you closer to people.But it’s easy to become immersed in Facebook’s social aspects and some find out that it consumes more time than they would like.Facebook should not be occupying your whole day. Set a schedule and a routine to keep yourself focused on everything that needs to get done in your busy day.

Project Management Training In Today’s World

Through project management training, people can learn how to work on projects and manage projects in them most effective way, making optimum use of all resources. The project manager can utilize project management tools to ensure effective management of the project. An important part of project management is leadership, as projects may fail without a good leader.Part of a project manager’s job is to define a project’s scope. This way, the project will not evolve into something too large to be completed on time. Aspects of project management can actually be applied to projects of any size. In fact, people use project management tools all the time, without even knowing that they are the same tools project managers use.One example of a project is cleaning one’s house. The one that is doing the cleaning must first make plans. These plans will include where to start the cleaning, what cleaning supplies and tools will be needed, and how much time they want to spend on each room. Every decision that is made in the house cleaning is also part of project management planning.An example of a larger project is building a house, as it includes many project aspects. They would first need an architect to create the initial design for the house, then a group to prepare the land for construction, followed by builders, carpenters, painters, and so on. This type of project requires certain tasks to be completed before others are started. These larger projects result in project management becoming a contact sport.Leadership is a contact sport. The leaders or project managers must manage all resources that are applicable to the project and the time that is spent on the different aspects of the project. Resources of projects include each person assigned to work on the project, supplies, outsourcers, and anything else that is included in the completion of a project. Each resource is vital to the project, though some resources may only be active in a particular section of the project.Project managers can utilize many different tools in project management training. This training can assist a project manager in the planning stage or a project, as well as in assigning resources and coming up with an appropriate timeline for successfully completing the project. Such programs can demonstrate to people that leadership in effective project management is a contact support. Projects may prove unsuccessful if there isn’t regular contact between everyone involved on the project.Clearly project management training is essential when you are planning any project. No project is too small for project management. Larger projects which require detailed project management can be augmented by the use of related computer software programs.

Some Secrets of Internet Marketing

“A life changing and profitable business” most of the internet marketers answer when asked what the internet marketing represents to them. It can represent the same to you as long as you get into the secrets of the internet marketing. This online network of businesses has started to develop a few decades ago. It was popular between the rich young men who had no fear that they will lose their money; it was no financial effort to them.Once with the appearance of safe payment methods, the internet marketing became popular among internet users from all over the world because there were less risks of losing the money and not receiving the item or receiving a damaged item. In case an item is delivered in a damaged condition the refund systems get into action: the customer either receives the money back or waits for a new item to be delivered, the decision belongs to the customer. These are the secrets that internet users and internet marketing users should know about the online marketing.In which concerns the secrets that internet marketers or want to be internet marketers should know, the list is longer. First of all, the secret weapon of every profitable online business is the website representing it. A well designed website can draw the attention of a huge number of internet users who can transform into internet marketing users: your customers.Websites that succeed to attract the attention are the ones that are both informative and effective. Publish information regarding all the items that you sell, add photographs of these items, try to prevent any question that might be asked by a possible buyer and you will surely be satisfied with the results. Use warm colors; don’t make your website black and white because these kinds of websites are boring and there always is one other just a mouse click away.Another secret of the internet marketing is the customer target. It is not enough just to attract random visitors to your website. They will just throw a look and leave without necessarily being interested in your services or goods. You must know how to attract the ones that will be interested in the items you are selling because, in fact, this is your purpose: to sell. This is simply called in one word “targeting”. An internet marketer has to have a clear picture of his or her business before launching it on the internet.Once you know who your business is addressed to you can create the advertising plan. Advertising plays an important role in the entire internet marketing process and if you create special messages, then you will have a target.Now you know the secret of the website design, the secret of the target and the fact that advertising has a main part in the business. All that is left to you is to come with the business idea and put it into practice. You won’t become a millionaire in one night but the dream can turn into reality faster that you would have imagined.