Publicity Predicament #9 – How Can I Take Advantage of Breaking News?

If a news story breaks that relates to the services or products you sell, become alert, find an interesting way to make the connection, and take action as soon as possible. This is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to earn media coverage that captures attention in the marketplace.The news you use as a hook might be front-page stuff or much more obscure. It could be national, international or local.Let’s say you’re a plumber and you learn that the price of copper, which has been sky-high for the last year, suddenly dropped. The connection is that homeowners will soon have an opportunity to undertake kitchen or bath renovations for less because the price of copper pipes will be lower.Or an earthquake occurs halfway around the world, killing thousands, in a city thought to have a low risk of quakes. You own an insurance company. You now have an opening to offer advice on whether or not those living in your locale should have earthquake coverage.Or a celebrity’s young daughter gets kidnapped, ransomed and returned home unharmed. Your firm manufactures bracelets that also secretly function as location devices. Had the daughter been wearing one of your bracelets, the police would have been able to find her within an hour.Got the idea?In the first two of these situations, the business seeking publicity serves local customers only, so they should direct their publicity tie-in efforts to local newspapers, TV and radio. In the third situation, the company should aim at national publicity first, since their customers live anywhere.The simplest way to jump into action with your breaking news connection is to call a media outlet you have reason to believe would consider your story relevant and track down the reporter or editor who handles the subject matter. This is much easier than it sounds. You see, tips are the lifeblood of news organizations, so that unlike companies that shield employees from the public, they have to have a system of channeling story suggestions to the proper person.All you have to do is call the main telephone number of the media outlet, ask for the “news desk” and then ask who you should contact about a real estate (for our first example), business (for the second) or child safety (for the third) story. When you reach the person covering your topic, explain your news connection in four sentences or less. If you’re leaving a voice mail message, end with your call-back number. If you’re talking to someone live, finish your pitch, shut up and wait for their response.You can make this sort of pitch by email also, if you have a reliable email address for a reporter, tip line or topical editor. Keep it brief and to the point and include a phone number as well as your email address for a reply.When you’re trying to interest national media in your story, pitching media outlets one by one takes too much time. If you have a particular media outlet you think would be a likely match for your publicity angle, contact them as described above. For example, the child safety bracelet story would be perfect for morning TV news shows like “Today” or “CBS This Morning.” Otherwise, writing and distributing a press release is the way to go.A press release presents your news tie-in in a specific journalistic-style format. (Google “sample press release” to find models to follow.) Normally these are 400 words or less – a page or so – in length. Use a press release distribution service such as PR Newswire, PRWeb or Emailwire to get your release in front or media people and the public.Above all, do not delay. What’s hot and exciting today may evoke no interest at all tomorrow or next week. Inform yourself now about all the steps described here so that when news breaks that can launch you into the public eye, you’re prepared to jump right into action.

How to Use Online Press Releases to Explode Your Network Marketing Home Business

Learning how to use online press releases to build a successful network marketing home business will be a skill set when mastered can play a major part in building a million dollar enterprise. Outlined here are the steps required to write and distribute press releases and by following these steps any marketer can start implementing this highly effective online marketing strategy.Finding economical ways to market your home business will be continuous tasks no different then in any other type of highly competitive niche market. Profits will depend on it. Competition is a good thing, it shows up where ever there is massive amounts of money to be made but it is also a place where fortunes can be lost by the less than savvy business owner. Press releases offer a very cost friendly way of getting the word out. They, when written and optimized properly will bring much needed publicity and awareness to a business providing a solid foundation for exponential growth.Press release writing and distribution as an effective marketing strategy hasn’t gone unnoticed by top income earners in the industry. Look anywhere and you will find leaders in the news. It only goes to follow, that to become a leader one must do what the leaders do so writing press releases and having them distributed online should be a frequently used strategy.So exactly what are press releases? Press releases are written documentation of news worthy information about products, businesses, events and any other topic that will be of interest to a large audience. They are to be written in the third person and should be some what brief, to the point and should provide enough basic information for news reporters to develop a feature story. The release should arouse curiosity. A great press release will have a compelling title and should answer the questions who, what, where, when, why and how.At this point you might be thinking, this all sounds good but do I as a business owner in network marketing really need to write or have some one write a press release about me, my business and my products? After all, aren’t there other ways to build my business that are faster and more efficient? Publicity is way cheaper than advertising so you decide, or possibly your marketing budget will decide for you, if you can afford to pay to have it fast or if you should take a little longer and build your business rock solid.It is a known fact that when searching for a network marketing opportunity people look for successful leaders in the industry to join, follow and be trained by, which makes since because, who wouldn’t want to follow a proven leaders and be taught how to duplicate their success? Writing press releases are a great way to position your self as a leader, after all, your in the news right?Taking action is what sets leaders apart from those who wish they had more money and would like to own a business but never seem to find the time to get started. With that being said here are the action steps to writing a press release to build your network marketing business. First decide what you are going to write the release about. Are you breaking the news with information about your product, and event you have attended, about you your new business or any other thing you can think of that may seem news worthy and interesting that will draw attention to your offer. Brain storm for ideas, don’t worry there’s no wrong or right here it’s taking action that counts.Next you will have to do some keyword research which are the search terms people type in when surfing online which will bring them to your press release and eventually to your offer. Study keyword research and learn to dig deep into your niche. Find terms that aren’t overly used so you have a great chance of showing up on the first page of the search engines.The third step is to write your release including your keywords preferably in the title and a few more times throughout the press release which optimizes it for the search engines. Using your keyword as a hyperlink to your offer somewhere in the release are how prospects go to your site where they can find out how to team up with a true leader in the news, you.Lastly, find a press release distribution service which is easily done by doing a simple search online. You will find some free services and most will not let you put a live link back to your landing page or offer. These free release do show up on the search engines and do produce results but it is best to pay a minimal fee for press release distribution and get a live link.Follow these steps on how to use online press releases to build your network marketing home business. Try, no, do distribute at least one press release a week and watch as your business starts growing and people looking to join a true leader in the network marketing industry will search you out and you can show them how to duplicate your awesome success.

How a Newsletter Can Benefit Your Business

An essential task of running a small business is continually gaining and keeping customers. Here are a few ways publishing an informative, timely newsletter can help you meet your business goals:1. It will keep you in touch with your customers. If you want repeat business, you must keep your company’s name in front of your customers. Reading a helpful newsletter geared toward your business will keep your current customers thinking of you. They will know your phone number next time they need your services, and they will be more likely to recommend your services to friends or family.2. It can deliver new product information. Keep your customers informed of any new or updated products your business now offers.3. It can communicate sales information. Let your most important customers know in advance of any upcoming sales, or perhaps kick-backs they can receive from referrals.Electronic newsletters offer additional benefits for your business:First, they’re quick. With email newsletters there’s no waiting for printing and mailing. By-passing the mailbox also saves your business money on postage.Second, they pass your information along word-of-mouse. With electronic newsletters, people can pass-on your information simply by forwarding your newsletter to friends, family or other potential customers.Third, providing a link for feedback and comments also gives your customers a quick, easy way to reach you. For example, if you own a landscape company you could provide informative articles in your newsletter about caring for and choosing the right plants, when to plant, when to apply fertilizer, weed killer for the lawn, etc. Customers could easy email you with questions or to schedule an appointment.If you don’t feel you can write your own company newsletter, hire a professional to do it for you. Just don’t miss out on the many benefits of this terrific marketing tool.